Dress Code

The Management and Staff of Brickendon Grange are confident that you will enjoy the golf course when you visit us and you are welcome to use our practice areas.

In order to ensure that you get the most from your visit, we kindly request that you observe the following rules:

Upon arrival please report to the Professional Shop where you will be greeted and informed of which tee to use and where our various facilities are, please use the appropriate changing rooms as we do not permit members or guests to change in the car park.

Shorts may be worn on the course and in the clubhouse, however, they must be tailored and worn either with long socks of any colour or short socks that are predominately white. Suitable socks are available for purchase from our golf professional shop.

We do not permit the wearing of Track suits or Football shirts anywhere in the clubhouse or on the golf course.

Smart Jeans including Blue Demin will be allowed to be worn in the clubhouse. We do not allow Jeans or Denim on the golf course.

Soft spike golf shoes may be worn in the Golfers Lounge and corridor, providing they are clean and free from mud and grass.

Only shirts with collars may be worn in the clubhouse or on the course.

No shirts outside of trousers in the clubhouse or on the course.

Caps must be worn with the peak at the front when on the course. No headgear of any kind (including sun visors) may be worn in the clubhouse.

The use of Mobile telephones should be limited to the locker rooms (they may be used freely in the car park or if needs be outside the clubhouse, but NOT on the lawn area). Users should be considerate to those around them by keeping conversations short and muted.

Your co-operation with these matters will be very much appreciated.


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